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Package Allocator

Interface Summary
FreeMemStrategy FreeMemStrategy

Class Summary
BestFitStrategy Best Fit Strategy
CodeAllocator This class provides the abstract interface for code allocators.
CodeAllocator.InstructionPointer An object of this class represents a code address.
CodeAllocator.x86CodeBuffer This class provides the interface for x86 code buffers.
DefaultCodeAllocator DefaultCodeAllocator
DefaultHeapAllocator DefaultHeapAllocator
FreeMemManager FreeMemManager
HeapAllocator HeapAllocator
HeapAllocator.HeapPointer An object of this class represents a pointer to a heap address.
MemUnit MemUnit
MemUnitComparator MemUnitComparator
ObjectLayout This interface contains constants that define the joeq object layout.
ObjectLayoutMethods This interface contains utility functions for the joeq object layout.
RuntimeCodeAllocator RuntimeCodeAllocator
SimpleAllocator SimpleAllocator
WorstFitStrategy Worst Fit Strategy