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Interface Summary
MapListener Implement MapListener and call Map.addMapListener() to recieve MapEvents whenever the map changes.
Rule A Rule has the ability to specify where it would like a node to be positioned in space.

Class Summary
AbstractRule AbstractRule.
AntiGravityRule AntiGravityRule.
BoundsRule BoundsRule implements Rule and attempts to move the Node within the space (0, 0, _) to (1, 1, _).
BrownianRule BrownianRule.
DefraggingRule DefraggingRule attempts to keep all the nodes in straight lines.
FrictionRule FrictionRule simply tries to make the nodes stay where they are.
Link A Link describes a destination verse and a link strength.
LinkArray LinkArray contains a set of links for each verse in the Bible.
LinkAttractionRule LinkAttractionRule.
Map A map is an array of Nodes (verses with position).
MapEvent A MapEvent happens whenever a Map changes.
Position A Position is simply an array of floats that specify a place for a Node to be.
VBAExport VBAExport takes a Map and exports the data to a Word VBA file.
ZTestBibleMap Attepmted 100% code coverage testing.