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Interface Summary
VerseColor VerseColor is a way of applying Color to Verses.

Class Summary
BookVerseColor BookVerseColor gives a color to a selected books, leaving the others grey.
GroupVerseColor GroupVerseColor gives colors to groups of books, so the pentetuch is red, and so on.
Mapper Mapper is GUI wrapper around Map to allow it to be run standalone.
MapperPane This is an Swing GUI interface to the BMap project.
MapTableModel A MapTableModel takes an underlying map and represents it as a TableModel.
RainbowVerseColor RainbowVerseColor is a simple Genesis=Red, Revelation=Blue rainbow all painted on a black background.
RuleSlider RuleSlider allows the user to edit the scale for a given rule.
RulesPane RulesPane displays an array of Rules and allows the user to select the scale used for each of them.
SectionVerseColor SectionVerseColor gives a color to a selected group of books, leaving the others grey.