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public class: ValidationAwareSupport [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:
    ValidationAware, Serializable

Provides a default implementation of ValidationAware. Returns new collections for errors and messages (defensive copy).
Method from com.opensymphony.xwork2.ValidationAwareSupport Summary:
addActionError,   addActionMessage,   addFieldError,   clearActionErrors,   clearErrors,   clearErrorsAndMessages,   clearFieldErrors,   clearMessages,   getActionErrors,   getActionMessages,   getFieldErrors,   hasActionErrors,   hasActionMessages,   hasErrors,   hasFieldErrors,   setActionErrors,   setActionMessages,   setFieldErrors
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Method from com.opensymphony.xwork2.ValidationAwareSupport Detail:
 public synchronized  void addActionError(String anErrorMessage) 
 public synchronized  void addActionMessage(String aMessage) 
 public synchronized  void addFieldError(String fieldName,
    String errorMessage) 
 public synchronized  void clearActionErrors() 
    Clears action errors list.

    Will clear the list that contains action errors.

 public synchronized  void clearErrors() 
    Clears all error list/maps.

    Will clear the map and list that contain field errors and action errors.

 public synchronized  void clearErrorsAndMessages() 
    Clears all error and messages list/maps.

    Will clear the maps/lists that contain field errors, action errors and action messages.

 public synchronized  void clearFieldErrors() 
    Clears field errors map.

    Will clear the map that contains field errors.

 public synchronized  void clearMessages() 
    Clears messages list.

    Will clear the list that contains action messages.

 public synchronized Collection<String> getActionErrors() 
 public synchronized Collection<String> getActionMessages() 
 public synchronized Map<String> getFieldErrors() 
 public synchronized boolean hasActionErrors() 
 public synchronized boolean hasActionMessages() 
 public synchronized boolean hasErrors() 
 public synchronized boolean hasFieldErrors() 
 public synchronized  void setActionErrors(Collection<String> errorMessages) 
 public synchronized  void setActionMessages(Collection<String> messages) 
 public synchronized  void setFieldErrors(Map<String> errorMap)