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Sub Packages:

com.opensymphony.xwork2.interceptor.annotations   Interceptor annotations.  



An interceptor is a stateless class that follows the interceptor pattern, as found in javax.servlet.Filter and in AOP languages. 

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NoParameters   Marker interface to incidate no auto setting of parameters.  code | html
ParameterNameAware   This interface is implemented by actions that want to declare acceptable parameters.  code | html
PreResultListener   PreResultListeners may be registered with an ActionInvocation to get a callback after the com.opensymphony.xwork2.Action has been executed but before the com.opensymphony.xwork2.Result is executed.  code | html
ScopedModelDriven   Adds the ability to set a model, probably retrieved from a given state.  code | html
ValidationWorkflowAware   ValidationWorkflowAware  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AbstractInterceptor   Provides default implementations of optional lifecycle methods  code | html
MethodFilterInterceptor   MethodFilterInterceptor is an abstract Interceptor used as a base class for interceptors that will filter execution based on method names according to specified included/excluded method lists.  code | html


AliasInterceptor   The aim of this Interceptor is to alias a named parameter to a different named parameter.  code | html
ChainingInterceptor   An interceptor that copies all the properties of every object in the value stack to the currently executing object, except for any object that implements Unchainable code | html
ConversionErrorInterceptor   ConversionErrorInterceptor adds conversion errors from the ActionContext to the Action's field errors.  code | html

An interceptor that makes sure there are not validation errors before allowing the interceptor chain to continue. 

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ExceptionHolder   A simple wrapper around an exception, providing an easy way to print out the stack trace of the exception as well as a way to get a handle on the exception itself.  code | html
ExceptionMappingInterceptor   This interceptor forms the core functionality of the exception handling feature.  code | html
I18nInterceptor   An interceptor that handles setting the locale specified in a session as the locale for the current action request.  code | html
LoggingInterceptor   This interceptor logs the start and end of the execution an action (in English-only, not internationalized).  code | html
MethodFilterInterceptorUtil   Utility class contains common methods used by com.opensymphony.xwork2.interceptor.MethodFilterInterceptor code | html
ModelDrivenInterceptor   Watches for ModelDriven actions and adds the action's model on to the value stack.  code | html
ModelDrivenInterceptor.RefreshModelBeforeResult   Refreshes the model instance on the value stack, if it has changed  code | html
ParameterFilterInterceptor   The Parameter Filter Interceptor blocks parameters from getting to the rest of the stack or your action.  code | html
ParameterRemoverInterceptor   This is a simple XWork interceptor that allows parameters (matching one of the paramNames attribute csv value) to be removed from the parameter map if they match a certain value (matching one of the paramValues attribute csv value), before they are set on the action.  code | html
ParametersInterceptor   This interceptor sets all parameters on the value stack.  code | html
PrefixMethodInvocationUtil   A utility class for invoking prefixed methods in action class.  code | html
PrepareInterceptor   This interceptor calls prepare() on actions which implement Preparable code | html
ScopedModelDrivenInterceptor   An interceptor that enables scoped model-driven actions.  code | html
StaticParametersInterceptor   This interceptor populates the action with the static parameters defined in the action configuration.  code | html
TimerInterceptor   This interceptor logs the amount of time in milliseconds.  code | html