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public interface: Paint [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

All Known Implementing Classes:
    GradientPaint, DerivedColor, RadialGradientPaint, ColorUIResource, LinearGradientPaint, Color, TexturePaint, MultipleGradientPaint, UIResource, SystemColor

This Paint interface defines how color patterns can be generated for Graphics2D operations. A class implementing the Paint interface is added to the Graphics2D context in order to define the color pattern used by the draw and fill methods.

Instances of classes implementing Paint must be read-only because the Graphics2D does not clone these objects when they are set as an attribute with the setPaint method or when the Graphics2D object is itself cloned.

Method from java.awt.Paint Summary:
Method from java.awt.Paint Detail:
 public PaintContext createContext(ColorModel cm,
    Rectangle deviceBounds,
    Rectangle2D userBounds,
    AffineTransform xform,
    RenderingHints hints)
    Creates and returns a PaintContext used to generate the color pattern. The arguments to this method convey additional information about the rendering operation that may be used or ignored on various implementations of the {@code Paint} interface. A caller must pass non-{@code null} values for all of the arguments except for the {@code ColorModel} argument which may be {@code null} to indicate that no specific {@code ColorModel} type is preferred. Implementations of the {@code Paint} interface are allowed to use or ignore any of the arguments as makes sense for their function, and are not constrained to use the specified {@code ColorModel} for the returned {@code PaintContext}, even if it is not {@code null}. Implementations are allowed to throw {@code NullPointerException} for any {@code null} argument other than the {@code ColorModel} argument, but are not required to do so.