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Package java.awt.datatransfer

Interface Summary
ClipboardOwner This interface is for classes that will own a clipboard object.
FlavorListener Interface for tagging an interest in FlavorEvents by a class.
FlavorMap This interface maps between native platform type names and DataFlavors.
FlavorTable A FlavorMap which no longer requires a 1-to-1 mapping between flavors.
Transferable This interface is implemented by classes that can transfer data.

Class Summary
Clipboard This class allows data to be transferred using a cut and paste type mechanism.
DataFlavor This class represents a particular data format used for transferring data via the clipboard.
FlavorEvent Event indicating a Clipboard has different flavors available.
StringSelection This class transfers a string as plain text using the clipboard.
SystemFlavorMap This class maps between native platform type names and DataFlavors.

Exception Summary
MimeTypeParseException MIME string couldn't be parsed correctly.
UnsupportedFlavorException The data flavor requested is not supported for the transfer data.