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The BeanContext acts a logical hierarchical container for JavaBeans. 

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JavaBeans wishing to be nested within, and obtain a reference to their execution environment, or context, as defined by the BeanContext sub-interface shall implement this interface. 

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This interface is implemented by BeanContextChildren that have an AWT Component associated with them. 

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This interface is implemented by BeanContexts' that have an AWT Container associated with them. 

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Compliant BeanContexts fire events on this interface when the state of the membership of the BeanContext changes. 

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This interface is implemented by a JavaBean that does not directly have a BeanContext(Child) associated with it (via implementing that interface or a subinterface thereof), but has a public BeanContext(Child) delegated from it. 

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One of the primary functions of a BeanContext is to act a as rendezvous between JavaBeans, and BeanContextServiceProviders. 

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BeanContextServiceProviderBeanInfo   A BeanContextServiceProvider implementor who wishes to provide explicit information about the services their bean may provide shall implement a BeanInfo class that implements this BeanInfo subinterface and provides explicit information about the methods, properties, events, etc, of their services.  code | html
BeanContextServiceRevokedListener   The listener interface for receiving BeanContextServiceRevokedEvent objects.  code | html

The BeanContextServices interface provides a mechanism for a BeanContext to expose generic "services" to the BeanContextChild objects within. 

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BeanContextServicesListener   The listener interface for receiving BeanContextServiceAvailableEvent objects.  code | html

Abstract Classes:


BeanContextEvent is the abstract root event class for all events emitted from, and pertaining to the semantics of, a BeanContext

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This is a general support class to provide support for implementing the BeanContextChild protocol. 

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BeanContextMembershipEvent   A BeanContextMembershipEvent encapsulates the list of children added to, or removed from, the membership of a particular BeanContext code | html

This event type is used by the BeanContextServicesListener in order to identify the service being registered. 

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This event type is used by the BeanContextServiceRevokedListener in order to identify the service being revoked. 

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This helper class provides a utility implementation of the java.beans.beancontext.BeanContextServices interface. 

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BeanContextServicesSupport.BCSSChild     code | html
BeanContextServicesSupport.BCSSChild.BCSSCServiceClassRef     code | html
BeanContextServicesSupport.BCSSChild.BCSSCServiceRef     code | html
BeanContextServicesSupport.BCSSProxyServiceProvider     code | html
BeanContextServicesSupport.BCSSServiceProvider   subclasses may subclass this nested class to add behaviors for each BeanContextServicesProvider.  code | html
BeanContextSupport   This helper class provides a utility implementation of the java.beans.beancontext.BeanContext interface.  code | html
BeanContextSupport.BCSChild     code | html
BeanContextSupport.BCSIterator   protected final subclass that encapsulates an iterator but implements a noop remove() method.  code | html