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public class: Target [javadoc | source]
Indicates the kinds of program element to which an annotation type is applicable. If a Target meta-annotation is not present on an annotation type declaration, the declared type may be used on any program element. If such a meta-annotation is present, the compiler will enforce the specified usage restriction. For example, this meta-annotation indicates that the declared type is itself a meta-annotation type. It can only be used on annotation type declarations:
   public @interface MetaAnnotationType {
This meta-annotation indicates that the declared type is intended solely for use as a member type in complex annotation type declarations. It cannot be used to annotate anything directly:
   public @interface MemberType {
It is a compile-time error for a single ElementType constant to appear more than once in a Target annotation. For example, the following meta-annotation is illegal:
   @Target({ElementType.FIELD, ElementType.METHOD, ElementType.FIELD})
   public @interface Bogus {
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 ElementType[] value()