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class: FilterOneArgument [javadoc | source]
Unary function composition, useful for many small plumbing jobs. The invoke method takes a single reference argument, and returns a reference Internally, it first calls the {@code filter} method on the argument, Making up the difference between the raw method type and the final method type is the responsibility of a JVM-level adapter.
Field Summary
protected final  MethodHandle filter     
protected final  MethodHandle target     
Fields inherited from java.lang.invoke.MethodHandle:
 protected FilterOneArgument(MethodHandle filter,
    MethodHandle target) 
Method from java.lang.invoke.FilterOneArgument Summary:
debugString,   invoke,   make
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Method from java.lang.invoke.FilterOneArgument Detail:
 String debugString() 
 protected Object invoke(Object argument) throws Throwable 
 public static MethodHandle make(MethodHandle filter,
    MethodHandle target)