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abstract static class: FromGeneric.Adapter [javadoc | source]

Direct Known Subclasses:
    A10, A9, A8, A7, A6, A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, A0

This adapter takes some untyped arguments, and returns an untyped result. Internally, it applies the invoker to the target, which causes the objects to be unboxed; the result is a raw type in L/I/J/F/D. This result is passed to convert, which is responsible for converting the raw result into a boxed object. The invoker is kept separate from the target because it can be generated once per type erasure family, and reused across adapters.
Field Summary
protected final  MethodHandle invoker     
protected final  MethodHandle convert     
protected final  MethodHandle target     
Fields inherited from java.lang.invoke.MethodHandle:
 protected Adapter(MethodHandle entryPoint) 
 protected Adapter(MethodHandle entryPoint,
    MethodHandle invoker,
    MethodHandle convert,
    MethodHandle target) 
Method from java.lang.invoke.FromGeneric$Adapter Summary:
convert_D,   convert_F,   convert_I,   convert_J,   convert_L,   debugString,   findSubClass,   isPrototype,   makeInstance,   prototypeEntryPoint
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Method from java.lang.invoke.FromGeneric$Adapter Detail:
 protected Object convert_D(double result) throws Throwable 
 protected Object convert_F(float result) throws Throwable 
 protected Object convert_I(int result) throws Throwable 
 protected Object convert_J(long result) throws Throwable 
 protected Object convert_L(Object result) throws Throwable 
 String debugString() 
 static Class<Adapter> findSubClass(String name) 
    Find a sibing class of Adapter.
 protected boolean isPrototype() 
 abstract protected Adapter makeInstance(MethodHandle entryPoint,
    MethodHandle invoker,
    MethodHandle convert,
    MethodHandle target)
    Make a copy of self, with new fields.
 protected MethodHandle prototypeEntryPoint()