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Adapters which mediate between incoming calls which are generic and outgoing calls which are not. Any call can be represented generically boxing up its arguments, and (on return) unboxing the return value.

A call is "generic" (in MethodHandle terms) if its MethodType features only Object arguments. A non-generic call therefore features primitives and/or reference types other than Object. An adapter has types for its incoming and outgoing calls. The incoming call type is simply determined by the adapter's type (the MethodType it presents to callers). The outgoing call type is determined by the adapter's target (a MethodHandle that the adapter either binds internally or else takes as a leading argument). (To stretch the term, adapter-like method handles may have multiple targets or be polymorphic across multiple call types.)

Nested Class Summary:
abstract static class  FromGeneric.Adapter  This adapter takes some untyped arguments, and returns an untyped result. Internally, it applies the invoker to the target, which causes the objects to be unboxed; the result is a raw type in L/I/J/F/D. This result is passed to convert, which is responsible for converting the raw result into a boxed object. The invoker is kept separate from the target because it can be generated once per type erasure family, and reused across adapters. 
static class  FromGeneric.A0   
static class  FromGeneric.A1   
static class  FromGeneric.A2   
static class  FromGeneric.A3   
static class  FromGeneric.A4   
static class  FromGeneric.A5   
static class  FromGeneric.A6   
static class  FromGeneric.A7   
static class  FromGeneric.A8   
static class  FromGeneric.A9   
static class  FromGeneric.A10   
Method from java.lang.invoke.FromGeneric Summary:
buildAdapterFromBytecodes,   findAdapter,   make,   makeInstance,   of,   toString
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from java.lang.invoke.FromGeneric Detail:
 static Adapter buildAdapterFromBytecodes(MethodType internalType) 
 static Adapter findAdapter(MethodType internalType) 
 public static MethodHandle make(MethodHandle typedTarget) 
    Build an adapter of the given generic type, which invokes typedTarget on the incoming arguments, after unboxing as necessary. The return value is boxed if necessary.
 Adapter makeInstance(MethodHandle typedTarget) 
 static FromGeneric of(MethodType type) 
    Return the adapter information for this type's erasure.
 public String toString()