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class: InvokeGeneric [javadoc | source]
Adapters which manage inexact MethodHandle.invoke calls. The JVM calls one of these when the exact type match fails.
Field Summary
static final  boolean USE_AS_TYPE_PATH     
 InvokeGeneric(MethodType erasedCallerType) throws ReflectiveOperationException 
    Compute and cache information for this adapter, so that it can call out to targets of the erasure-family of the given erased type.
Method from java.lang.invoke.InvokeGeneric Summary:
generalInvokerOf,   toString
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Method from java.lang.invoke.InvokeGeneric Detail:
 static MethodHandle generalInvokerOf(MethodType erasedCallerType) throws ReflectiveOperationException 
    Return the adapter information for this type's erasure.
 public String toString()