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class: SpreadGeneric [javadoc | source]
Generic spread adapter. Expands a final argument into multiple (zero or more) arguments, keeping the others the same.
Nested Class Summary:
abstract static class  SpreadGeneric.Adapter  This adapter takes some untyped arguments, and returns an untyped result. Internally, it applies the invoker to the target, which causes the objects to be unboxed; the result is a raw type in L/I/J/F/D. This result is passed to convert, which is responsible for converting the raw result into a boxed object. The invoker is kept separate from the target because it can be generated once per type erasure family, and reused across adapters. 
static class  SpreadGeneric.S0   
static class  SpreadGeneric.S1   
static class  SpreadGeneric.S2   
static class  SpreadGeneric.S3   
static class  SpreadGeneric.S4   
static class  SpreadGeneric.S5   
static class  SpreadGeneric.S6   
static class  SpreadGeneric.S7   
static class  SpreadGeneric.S8   
static class  SpreadGeneric.S9   
static class  SpreadGeneric.S10   
Method from java.lang.invoke.SpreadGeneric Summary:
buildAdapterFromBytecodes,   check,   debugString,   findAdapter,   make,   makeInstance,   of,   preSpreadType,   select
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clone,   equals,   finalize,   getClass,   hashCode,   notify,   notifyAll,   toString,   wait,   wait,   wait
Method from java.lang.invoke.SpreadGeneric Detail:
 static Adapter buildAdapterFromBytecodes(MethodType targetType,
    int spreadCount,
    MethodHandle[] ep) 
 protected Object check(Object av,
    int n) 
    A check/coercion that happens once before any selections.
 String debugString() 
 static Adapter findAdapter(SpreadGeneric outer,
    MethodHandle[] ep) 
 public static MethodHandle make(MethodHandle target,
    int spreadCount) 
    Build an adapter of the given generic type, which invokes typedTarget on the incoming arguments, after unboxing as necessary. The return value is boxed if necessary.
 MethodHandle makeInstance(MethodHandle target) 
 static SpreadGeneric of(MethodType targetType,
    int spreadCount) 
    Return the adapter information for this type's erasure.
 static MethodType preSpreadType(MethodType targetType,
    int spreadCount) 
    From targetType remove the last spreadCount arguments, and instead append a simple Object argument.
 protected Object select(Object av,
    int n) 
    The selection operator for spreading; note that it takes Object not Object[].