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Abstract Classes:

CallSite   A {@code CallSite} is a holder for a variable MethodHandle , which is called its {@code target}.  code | html
FilterGeneric.Adapter   This adapter takes some untyped arguments, and returns an untyped result.  code | html
FromGeneric.Adapter   This adapter takes some untyped arguments, and returns an untyped result.  code | html
MethodHandle   A method handle is a typed, directly executable reference to an underlying method, constructor, field, or similar low-level operation, with optional transformations of arguments or return values.  code | html
MethodHandleImpl   Trusted implementation code for MethodHandle.  code | html
SpreadGeneric.Adapter   This adapter takes some untyped arguments, and returns an untyped result.  code | html
ToGeneric.Adapter   The invoke method takes some particular but unconstrained spread of raw argument types, and returns a raw return type (in L/I/J/F/D).  code | html


FilterGeneric.Kind     code | html
AdapterMethodHandle   This method handle performs simple conversion or checking of a single argument.  code | html
AdapterMethodHandle.AsVarargsCollector     code | html
BoundMethodHandle   The flavor of method handle which emulates an invoke instruction on a predetermined argument.  code | html
ConstantCallSite   A {@code ConstantCallSite} is a CallSite whose target is permanent, and can never be changed.  code | html
DirectMethodHandle   The flavor of method handle which emulates invokespecial or invokestatic.  code | html
FilterGeneric   These adapters apply arbitrary conversions to arguments on the way to a ultimate target.  code | html
FilterGeneric.F0     code | html
FilterGeneric.F1     code | html
FilterGeneric.F10     code | html
FilterGeneric.F11     code | html
FilterGeneric.F12     code | html
FilterGeneric.F13     code | html
FilterGeneric.F14     code | html
FilterGeneric.F15     code | html
FilterGeneric.F16     code | html
FilterGeneric.F17     code | html
FilterGeneric.F18     code | html
FilterGeneric.F19     code | html
FilterGeneric.F2     code | html
FilterGeneric.F20     code | html
FilterGeneric.F3     code | html
FilterGeneric.F4     code | html
FilterGeneric.F5     code | html
FilterGeneric.F6     code | html
FilterGeneric.F7     code | html
FilterGeneric.F8     code | html
FilterGeneric.F9     code | html
FilterOneArgument   Unary function composition, useful for many small plumbing jobs.  code | html
FromGeneric   Adapters which mediate between incoming calls which are generic and outgoing calls which are not.  code | html
FromGeneric.A0     code | html
FromGeneric.A1     code | html
FromGeneric.A10     code | html
FromGeneric.A2     code | html
FromGeneric.A3     code | html
FromGeneric.A4     code | html
FromGeneric.A5     code | html
FromGeneric.A6     code | html
FromGeneric.A7     code | html
FromGeneric.A8     code | html
FromGeneric.A9     code | html
InvokeDynamic   This is a place-holder class. Some HotSpot implementations need to see it.  code | html
InvokeGeneric   Adapters which manage inexact MethodHandle.invoke calls.  code | html
Invokers   Construction and caching of often-used invokers.  code | html
MemberName   A {@code MemberName} is a compact symbolic datum which fully characterizes a method or field reference.  code | html
MemberName.Factory   A factory type for resolving member names with the help of the VM.  code | html
MethodHandle.PolymorphicSignature   Internal marker interface which distinguishes (to the Java compiler) those methods which are signature polymorphic code | html
MethodHandleImpl.AllocateObject     code | html
MethodHandleImpl.FieldAccessor     code | html
MethodHandleImpl.GuardWithCatch     code | html
MethodHandleImpl.GuardWithTest     code | html
MethodHandleNatives   The JVM interface for the method handles package is all here.  code | html
MethodHandleNatives.Constants     code | html
MethodHandleProxies   This class consists exclusively of static methods that help adapt method handles to other JVM types, such as interfaces.  code | html
MethodHandleStatics   This class consists exclusively of static names internal to the method handle implementation.  code | html
MethodHandles   This class consists exclusively of static methods that operate on or return method handles.  code | html
MethodHandles.Lookup   A lookup object is a factory for creating method handles, when the creation requires access checking.  code | html
MethodType   A method type represents the arguments and return type accepted and returned by a method handle, or the arguments and return type passed and expected by a method handle caller.  code | html
MethodTypeForm   Shared information for a group of method types, which differ only by reference types, and therefore share a common erasure and wrapping.  code | html
MutableCallSite   A {@code MutableCallSite} is a CallSite whose target variable behaves like an ordinary field.  code | html
SpreadGeneric   Generic spread adapter.  code | html
SpreadGeneric.S0     code | html
SpreadGeneric.S1     code | html
SpreadGeneric.S10     code | html
SpreadGeneric.S2     code | html
SpreadGeneric.S3     code | html
SpreadGeneric.S4     code | html
SpreadGeneric.S5     code | html
SpreadGeneric.S6     code | html
SpreadGeneric.S7     code | html
SpreadGeneric.S8     code | html
SpreadGeneric.S9     code | html

A {@code SwitchPoint} is an object which can publish state transitions to other threads. 

code | html
ToGeneric   Adapters which mediate between incoming calls which are not generic and outgoing calls which are.  code | html
ToGeneric.A0     code | html
ToGeneric.A1     code | html
ToGeneric.A10     code | html
ToGeneric.A2     code | html
ToGeneric.A3     code | html
ToGeneric.A4     code | html
ToGeneric.A5     code | html
ToGeneric.A6     code | html
ToGeneric.A7     code | html
ToGeneric.A8     code | html
ToGeneric.A9     code | html
VolatileCallSite   A {@code VolatileCallSite} is a CallSite whose target acts like a volatile variable.  code | html
WrongMethodTypeException   Thrown to indicate that code has attempted to call a method handle via the wrong method type.  code | html