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final class: AllPermissionCollection [javadoc | source]

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Specific {@code PermissionCollection} for storing {@code AllPermission}s. All instances of {@code AllPermission} are equivalent, so it is enough to store a single added instance.
Nested Class Summary:
static final class  AllPermissionCollection.SingletonEnumeration  An auxiliary implementation for enumerating a single object. 
Method from java.security.AllPermissionCollection Summary:
add,   elements,   implies
Methods from java.security.PermissionCollection:
add,   elements,   implies,   isReadOnly,   setReadOnly,   toString
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Method from java.security.AllPermissionCollection Detail:
 public  void add(Permission permission) 
    Adds an {@code AllPermission} to the collection.
 public Enumeration<Permission> elements() 
    Returns the enumeration of the collection.
 public boolean implies(Permission permission) 
    Indicates whether the argument permission is implied by the receiver. {@code AllPermission} objects imply all other permissions.