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final class: BasicPermissionCollection [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

A BasicPermissionCollection stores a collection of BasicPermission permissions. BasicPermission objects must be stored in a manner that allows them to be inserted in any order, but enable the implies function to evaluate the implies method in an efficient (and consistent) manner. A BasicPermissionCollection handles comparing a permission like "a.b.c.d.e" with a Permission such as "a.b.*", or "*".
 public BasicPermissionCollection(Class clazz) 
    Create an empty BasicPermissionCollection object.
Method from java.security.BasicPermissionCollection Summary:
add,   elements,   implies
Methods from java.security.PermissionCollection:
add,   elements,   implies,   isReadOnly,   setReadOnly,   toString
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Method from java.security.BasicPermissionCollection Detail:
 public  void add(Permission permission) 
    Adds a permission to the BasicPermissions. The key for the hash is permission.path.
 public Enumeration<Permission> elements() 
    Returns an enumeration of all the BasicPermission objects in the container.
 public boolean implies(Permission permission) 
    Check and see if this set of permissions implies the permissions expressed in "permission".