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static class: Policy.UnsupportedEmptyCollection [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

This class represents a read-only empty PermissionCollection object that is returned from the getPermissions(CodeSource) and getPermissions(ProtectionDomain) methods in the Policy class when those operations are not supported by the Policy implementation.
 public UnsupportedEmptyCollection() 
Method from java.security.Policy$UnsupportedEmptyCollection Summary:
add,   elements,   implies
Methods from java.security.PermissionCollection:
add,   elements,   implies,   isReadOnly,   setReadOnly,   toString
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Method from java.security.Policy$UnsupportedEmptyCollection Detail:
 public  void add(Permission permission) 
    Adds a permission object to the current collection of permission objects.
 public Enumeration<Permission> elements() 
    Returns an enumeration of all the Permission objects in the collection.
 public boolean implies(Permission permission) 
    Checks to see if the specified permission is implied by the collection of Permission objects held in this PermissionCollection.