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public interface: Principal [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    KerberosPrincipal, Identity, GroupPrincipal, JMXPrincipal, Group, X500Principal, IdentityScope, Signer, UserPrincipal

This interface represents the abstract notion of a principal, which can be used to represent any entity, such as an individual, a corporation, and a login id.
Method from java.security.Principal Summary:
equals,   getName,   hashCode,   toString
Method from java.security.Principal Detail:
 public boolean equals(Object another)
    Compares this principal to the specified object. Returns true if the object passed in matches the principal represented by the implementation of this interface.
 public String getName()
    Returns the name of this principal.
 public int hashCode()
    Returns a hashcode for this principal.
 public String toString()
    Returns a string representation of this principal.