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public interface: Group [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

This interface is used to represent a group of principals. (A principal represents an entity such as an individual user or a company).

Note that Group extends Principal. Thus, either a Principal or a Group can be passed as an argument to methods containing a Principal parameter. For example, you can add either a Principal or a Group to a Group object by calling the object's addMember method, passing it the Principal or Group.

Method from java.security.acl.Group Summary:
addMember,   isMember,   members,   removeMember
Method from java.security.acl.Group Detail:
 public boolean addMember(Principal user)
    Adds the specified member to the group.
 public boolean isMember(Principal member)
    Returns true if the passed principal is a member of the group. This method does a recursive search, so if a principal belongs to a group which is a member of this group, true is returned.
 public Enumeration<Principal> members()
    Returns an enumeration of the members in the group. The returned objects can be instances of either Principal or Group (which is a subclass of Principal).
 public boolean removeMember(Principal user)
    Removes the specified member from the group.