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class: AttributedStringIterator [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

This class implements the AttributedCharacterIterator interface. It is used by AttributedString.getIterator().
 AttributedStringIterator(StringCharacterIterator sci,
    AttributeRange[] attribs,
    int begin_index,
    int end_index,
    Attribute[] restricts) 
Method from java.text.AttributedStringIterator Summary:
clone,   current,   first,   getAllAttributeKeys,   getAttribute,   getAttributes,   getBeginIndex,   getEndIndex,   getIndex,   getRunLimit,   getRunLimit,   getRunLimit,   getRunStart,   getRunStart,   getRunStart,   last,   next,   previous,   setIndex
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Method from java.text.AttributedStringIterator Detail:
 public Object clone() 
 public char current() 
 public char first() 
 public Set getAllAttributeKeys() 
    Returns a list of all the attribute keys that are defined anywhere on this string.
 public Object getAttribute(Attribute key) 
    Returns the value for an attribute at the current position. If the attribute key (key) is null, the method returns null.
 public Map getAttributes() 
    Return a list of all the attributes and values defined for this character
 public int getBeginIndex() 
 public int getEndIndex() 
 public int getIndex() 
 public int getRunLimit() 
    Various methods that determine how far the run extends for various attribute combinations.
 public int getRunLimit(Attribute attrib) 
 public synchronized int getRunLimit(Set attributeSet) 
 public int getRunStart() 
    Returns the index of the first character in the run containing the current character and defined by all the attributes defined for that character position.
 public int getRunStart(Attribute attrib) 
    Returns the index of the first character in the run, defined by the specified attribute, that contains the current character.
 public int getRunStart(Set attributeSet) 
    Returns the index of the first character in the run, defined by the specified attribute set, that contains the current character.
 public char last() 
 public char next() 
 public char previous() 
 public char setIndex(int index)