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Sub Packages:

javassist.bytecode   Bytecode-level API.  
javassist.bytecode.analysis   Bytecode Analysis API.  
javassist.bytecode.annotation   Bytecode-level Annotations API.  
javassist.expr   This package contains the classes for modifying a method body.  
javassist.runtime   Runtime support classes required by modified bytecode.  
javassist.scopedpool   A custom class pool for several JBoss products.  
javassist.tools   Covenient tools.  
javassist.tools.reflect   Runtime Behavioral Reflection.  
javassist.tools.rmi   Sample implementation of remote method invocation.  
javassist.tools.web   Simple web server for running sample code.  
javassist.util   Utility classes.  
javassist.util.proxy   Dynamic proxy (similar to Enhancer of cglib ).  


ClassPath   ClassPath is an interface implemented by objects representing a class search path.  code | html
CodeConverter.ArrayAccessReplacementMethodNames   Interface containing the method names to be used as array access replacements.  code | html
Translator   An observer of Loader code | html

Abstract Classes:

CtBehavior   CtBehavior represents a method, a constructor, or a static constructor (class initializer).  code | html
CtClass   An instance of CtClass represents a class.  code | html
CtField.CodeInitializer0     code | html
CtField.Initializer   Instances of this class specify how to initialize a field.  code | html
CtMember   An instance of CtMember represents a field, a constructor, or a method.  code | html


ByteArrayClassPath   A ByteArrayClassPath contains bytes that is served as a class file to a ClassPool code | html
CannotCompileException   Thrown when bytecode transformation has failed.  code | html
ClassClassPath   A search-path for obtaining a class file by getResourceAsStream() in java.lang.Class code | html
ClassMap   A hash table associating class names with different names.  code | html
ClassPathList     code | html
ClassPool   A container of CtClass objects.  code | html
ClassPoolTail     code | html
CodeConverter   Simple translator of method bodies (also see the javassist.expr package).  code | html
CodeConverter.DefaultArrayAccessReplacementMethodNames   Default implementation of the ArrayAccessReplacementMethodNames interface giving default values for method names to be used for replacing accesses to array elements.  code | html
CtArray   Array types.  code | html
CtClass.DelayedFileOutputStream     code | html
CtClassType   Class types.  code | html
CtConstructor   An instance of CtConstructor represents a constructor.  code | html
CtField   An instance of CtField represents a field.  code | html
CtField.ArrayInitializer     code | html
CtField.CodeInitializer     code | html
CtField.DoubleInitializer     code | html
CtField.FloatInitializer     code | html
CtField.IntInitializer     code | html
CtField.LongInitializer     code | html
CtField.MethodInitializer   A field initialized with the result of a static method call.  code | html
CtField.MultiArrayInitializer     code | html
CtField.NewInitializer   A field initialized with an object created by the new operator.  code | html
CtField.ParamInitializer   A field initialized with a parameter passed to the constructor of the class containing that field.  code | html
CtField.PtreeInitializer     code | html
CtField.StringInitializer     code | html
CtMember.Cache     code | html
CtMethod   An instance of CtMethod represents a method.  code | html
CtMethod.ConstParameter   Instances of this class represent a constant parameter.  code | html
CtMethod.IntConstParameter     code | html
CtMethod.LongConstParameter     code | html
CtMethod.StringConstParameter     code | html
CtNewClass     code | html
CtNewConstructor   A collection of static methods for creating a CtConstructor code | html
CtNewMethod   A collection of static methods for creating a CtMethod code | html
CtNewNestedClass   A newly created public nested class.  code | html
CtNewWrappedConstructor     code | html
CtNewWrappedMethod     code | html
CtPrimitiveType   An instance of CtPrimitiveType represents a primitive type.  code | html
DirClassPath     code | html
FieldInitLink     code | html
JarClassPath     code | html
JarDirClassPath     code | html
Loader   The class loader for Javassist.  code | html
LoaderClassPath   A class search-path representing a class loader.  code | html
Modifier   The Modifier class provides static methods and constants to decode class and member access modifiers.  code | html
NotFoundException   Signals that something could not be found.  code | html
SerialVersionUID   Utility for calculating serialVersionUIDs for Serializable classes.  code | html
URLClassPath   A class search-path specified with URL (http).  code | html