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public interface: Conversation [javadoc | source] Defines the conversation instance contract for using in the ConversationScoped webbeans components.

Please see the 8.5.4 Conversation context lifecycle of the specification.

Method from javax.enterprise.context.Conversation Summary:
begin,   begin,   end,   getId,   getTimeout,   isLongRunning,   setTimeout
Method from javax.enterprise.context.Conversation Detail:
 public  void begin()
    Starts new conversation.
 public  void begin(String id)
    Starts new conversation with the given id.
 public  void end()
    Ends of the conversation.
 public String getId()
    Gets conversation id.
 public long getTimeout()
    Returns conversation time out.
 public boolean isLongRunning()
    Returns true if conversation is marked as a long running false otherwise.
 public  void setTimeout(long milliseconds)
    Sets conversation timeout in ms.