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Sub Packages:



Conversation   Defines the conversation instance contract for using in the ConversationScoped webbeans components.  code | html


ApplicationScoped   Defines the application scoped type.  code | html
BusyConversationException   A long running conversation must only be used by one request at the same time! If a parallel long running conversation gets detected, this very Exception will be thrown for the new request and the 2nd request will get a fresh Conversation assigned.  code | html
ContextException     code | html
ContextNotActiveException   It is used by the Context interface.  code | html
ConversationScoped   Conversation scope type.  code | html
Dependent   Dependent scope type.  code | html
NonexistentConversationException   If a long running conversation cannot be restored, OWB will assign a fresh conversation and throws this very Exception.  code | html
NormalScope   Defines normal scoped meta-data.  code | html
RequestScoped   Defines the request scope.  code | html
SessionScoped     code | html