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public final class: XpathEvent [javadoc | source]
An event describing ConfigBeans added/changed/removed from a configuration
Field Summary
public static final  Object BEAN_ADDED    A bean is added 
public static final  Object BEAN_REMOVED    A bean is removed 
public static final  Object BEAN_CHANGED    A bean is changed 
 public XpathEvent(DDBean bean,
    Object type) 
    Create a new XpathEvent
    bean - the bean
    type - the event type
Method from javax.enterprise.deploy.model.XpathEvent Summary:
getBean,   getChangeEvent,   isAddEvent,   isChangeEvent,   isRemoveEvent,   setChangeEvent
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Method from javax.enterprise.deploy.model.XpathEvent Detail:
 public DDBean getBean() 
    Get the DDBean
 public PropertyChangeEvent getChangeEvent() 
    Get the property change event
 public boolean isAddEvent() 
    Is it an add event
 public boolean isChangeEvent() 
    Is it a change event
 public boolean isRemoveEvent() 
    Is it a remove event
 public  void setChangeEvent(PropertyChangeEvent propertyChangeEvent) 
    Set the property change event