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public interface: DeploymentFactory [javadoc | source]

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The DeploymentFactory interface is a deployment driver for a J2EE plaform product. It returns a DeploymentManager object which represents a connection to a specific J2EE platform product. Each application server vendor must provide an implementation of this class in order for the J2EE Deployment API to work with their product. The class implementing this interface should have a public no-argument constructor, and it should be stateless (two instances of the class should always behave the same). It is suggested but not required that the class have a static initializer that registers an instance of the class with the DeploymentFactoryManager class. A connected or disconnected DeploymentManager can be requested. A DeploymentManager that runs connected to the platform can provide access to J2EE resources. A DeploymentManager that runs disconnected only provides module deployment configuration support.
Method from javax.enterprise.deploy.spi.factories.DeploymentFactory Summary:
getDeploymentManager,   getDisconnectedDeploymentManager,   getDisplayName,   getProductVersion,   handlesURI
Method from javax.enterprise.deploy.spi.factories.DeploymentFactory Detail:
 public DeploymentManager getDeploymentManager(String uri,
    String userName,
    String password) throws DeploymentManagerCreationException
    Get a connected deployment manager
 public DeploymentManager getDisconnectedDeploymentManager(String uri) throws DeploymentManagerCreationException
    Get a disconnected version of the deployment manager
 public String getDisplayName()
    The vendor of the deployment manager
 public String getProductVersion()
    The version of the deployment manager
 public boolean handlesURI(String uri)
    Tests whether the factory can create a manager for the URI