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public interface: Instance [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

The Instance interface provides a method for obtaining instances of beans with required types and qualifiers.
Method from javax.enterprise.inject.Instance Summary:
get,   isAmbiguous,   isUnsatisfied,   select,   select,   select
Method from javax.enterprise.inject.Instance Detail:
 public T get()
    Returns bean instance with required type and required qualifier that are defined at the injection point.
 public boolean isAmbiguous()
    Returns true if resolution is ambigious, false otherwise.
 public boolean isUnsatisfied()
    Return true if resulotion is unsatisfied, false otherwise.
 public Instance<T> select(Annotation qualifiers)
    Creates new Instance with given qualifiers.
 public Instance<U> select(Class<U> subtype,
    Annotation qualifiers)
    Returns new child instance with given class and qualifiers.
 public Instance<U> select(TypeLiteral<U> subtype,
    Annotation qualifiers)
    Return new child instance with given class info and qualifiers.