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Sub Packages:



Instance   The Instance interface provides a method for obtaining instances of beans with required types and qualifiers.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

AnnotationLiteral     code | html
TypeLiteral     code | html


Alternative     code | html
AmbiguousResolutionException   Ambigous resolution exception.  code | html
Any   Defines any qualifier in the injection point.  code | html
CreationException     code | html
Default   Default qualifier.  code | html
Disposes     code | html
IllegalProductException   If return object of the producer method is null and its type is primitive type then throws this exception.  code | html
InjectionException   Injection exception class.  code | html
New     code | html
NonBinding   Indicates that Qualifier annotation member is not contained in the type safe resolution algorithm.  code | html
Produces     code | html
ResolutionException   Resolution exception class.  code | html
UnproxyableResolutionException   In DI, normal scope type bean class must be proxyable by the container.  code | html
UnsatisfiedResolutionException   If injection point is not resolved by the container, it throws unsatisfied exception.  code | html