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public interface: BeanManager [javadoc | source] The interface Manager provides operations for obtaining the contextual instance of the webbeans. There are operations related with;

There is always one root manager in the system. You can set the current activity via call to the BeanManager#setCurrent(Class) method.

Method from javax.enterprise.inject.spi.BeanManager Summary:
createAnnotatedType,   createCreationalContext,   createInjectionTarget,   fireEvent,   getBeans,   getBeans,   getContext,   getELResolver,   getInjectableReference,   getInterceptorBindingDefinition,   getMostSpecializedBean,   getPassivationCapableBean,   getReference,   getStereotypeDefinition,   isInterceptorBinding,   isNormalScope,   isPassivatingScope,   isQualifier,   isScope,   isStereotype,   resolve,   resolveDecorators,   resolveInterceptors,   resolveObserverMethods,   resolveObservers,   validate
Method from javax.enterprise.inject.spi.BeanManager Detail:
 public AnnotatedType<T> createAnnotatedType(Class<T> type)
 public CreationalContext<T> createCreationalContext(Contextual<T> contextual)
    Returns a new creational context implementation.
 public InjectionTarget<T> createInjectionTarget(AnnotatedType<T> type)
    Creates a new instance of injection target.
 public  void fireEvent(Object event,
    Annotation qualifiers)
    Fires an event with given even object and qualifiers.
 public Set<?> getBeans(String name)
    Returns set of beans with given name.
 public Set<?> getBeans(Type beanType,
    Annotation qualifiers)
    Returns set of beans that their api types contain given bean type and given qualifiers.

    If no qualifier is given, @Current is assumed.

 public Context getContext(Class<Annotation> scope)
    Returns a context with given scope type.
 public ELResolver getELResolver()
    Returns el resolver.
 public Object getInjectableReference(InjectionPoint injectionPoint,
    CreationalContext<?> ctx)
    Gets injection point bean reference.
 public Set<Annotation> getInterceptorBindingDefinition(Class<Annotation> qualifier)
    Returns a set of meta-annotations that are defined on the binding
 public Bean<? extends X> getMostSpecializedBean(Bean<X> bean)
    Returns bean's most specialized bean object.
 public Bean<?> getPassivationCapableBean(String id)
    Returns passivation capable bean given id.
 public Object getReference(Bean<?> bean,
    Type beanType,
    CreationalContext<?> ctx)
    Returns a bean instance reference for the given bean.
 public Set<Annotation> getStereotypeDefinition(Class<Annotation> stereotype)
    Returns a set of meta-annotations that are defined on the stereotype type.
 public boolean isInterceptorBinding(Class<Annotation> annotationType)
    Returns true if given type is a interceptor binding, false otherwise.
 public boolean isNormalScope(Class<Annotation> annotationType)
    Returns true if given type is a normal scope type, false otherwise.
 public boolean isPassivatingScope(Class<Annotation> annotationType)
    Returns true if given type is a passivating scope type, false otherwise.
 public boolean isQualifier(Class<Annotation> annotationType)
    Returns true if given type is a qualifier, false otherwise.
 public boolean isScope(Class<Annotation> annotationType)
    Returns true if given type is a scope type, false otherwise.
 public boolean isStereotype(Class<Annotation> annotationType)
    Returns true if given type is a stereotype type, false otherwise.
 public Bean<? extends X> resolve(Set<? extends X> beans)
    Returns a bean object that is resolved according to the type safe resolution rules.
 public List<?> resolveDecorators(Set<Type> types,
    Annotation qualifiers)
    Returns a list of decorator.
 public List<?> resolveInterceptors(InterceptionType type,
    Annotation interceptorBindings)
    Returns a list of interceptor.
 public Set<?, T> resolveObserverMethods(T event,
    Annotation qualifiers)
    Returns set of observer methods.
 public Set<T> resolveObservers(T event,
    Annotation qualifiers)
    Returns a set of observers that observe for given event type and qualifiers
 public  void validate(InjectionPoint injectionPoint)
    Validates injection point.