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public interface: BeforeBeanDiscovery [javadoc | source] Container fires this event before discovery of the beans process.
Method from javax.enterprise.inject.spi.BeforeBeanDiscovery Summary:
addAnnotatedType,   addInterceptorBinding,   addQualifier,   addScope,   addStereotype
Method from javax.enterprise.inject.spi.BeforeBeanDiscovery Detail:
 public  void addAnnotatedType(AnnotatedType<?> type)
    Adds new annotated type.
 public  void addInterceptorBinding(Class<Annotation> binding,
    Annotation bindingDef)
    Declares a new interceptor binding.
 public  void addQualifier(Class<Annotation> qualifier)
    Declares a new qualifier.
 public  void addScope(Class<Annotation> scope,
    boolean normal,
    boolean passivating)
    Declares a new scope.
 public  void addStereotype(Class<Annotation> stereotype,
    Annotation stereotypeDef)
    Declares a new stereotype.