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public interface: InjectionPoint [javadoc | source] An InjectionPoint object provides metadata information about an injection point. An instance of InjectionPoint may represent one of the following types:
Method from javax.enterprise.inject.spi.InjectionPoint Summary:
getAnnotated,   getBean,   getMember,   getQualifiers,   getType,   isDelegate,   isTransient
Method from javax.enterprise.inject.spi.InjectionPoint Detail:
 public Annotated getAnnotated()
    Returns annotated object representation of member.
 public Bean<?> getBean()
    Returns the injection point owner bean.

    If there is no bean for the injection point, it returns null.

 public Member getMember()
    Returns appered point for injection point. One of
 public Set<Annotation> getQualifiers()
    Returns required qualifiers of the injection point.
 public Type getType()
    Returns required type of the injection point.
 public boolean isDelegate()
    Returns true if injection point is decorator delegate, false otherwise.
 public boolean isTransient()
    Returns true if injection point is transient, false otherwise.