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AfterBeanDiscovery   Events that are fired after discovery bean process.  code | html
AfterDeploymentValidation   Event that is fired after container validates all injection points are valid.  code | html
Annotated   Describes annotated member properties.  code | html
AnnotatedCallable   Defines callables member contract.  code | html
AnnotatedConstructor   Defines member constructor contract.  code | html
AnnotatedField   Defines field member contract.  code | html
AnnotatedMember   Defines annotated members common contract.  code | html
AnnotatedMethod   Define method member contract.  code | html
AnnotatedParameter   Defines member parameter contract.  code | html
AnnotatedType   Defines alternative meta data for bean class.  code | html
Bean   Reprensts bean instances that are contextual and injectable by the container.  code | html
BeanManager   The interface Manager provides operations for obtaining the contextual instance of the webbeans.  code | html
BeforeBeanDiscovery   Container fires this event before discovery of the beans process.  code | html
BeforeShutdown   Event is fired before shut down of the container.  code | html
Decorator     code | html
Extension   Marker interface that is implemented by the classes that listen for the container events.  code | html
InjectionPoint   An InjectionPoint object provides metadata information about an injection point.  code | html
InjectionTarget   Provides operations for performing dependency injection and lifecycle callbacks on an instance of a type.  code | html
Interceptor     code | html
ObserverMethod     code | html
PassivationCapable     code | html
ProcessAnnotatedType   Event is fired before reading any annotations on the class.  code | html
ProcessBean   Fires event before registering bean with container.  code | html
ProcessInjectionTarget   Fired before manged bean, session bean or Java EE component discovery.  code | html
ProcessManagedBean   Fired before registering managed bean.  code | html
ProcessObserverMethod   Fired for each observer.  code | html
ProcessProducer   Container fires this event for each producer field/method including resources.  code | html
ProcessProducerField   Fired before registering producer field.  code | html
ProcessProducerMethod   Fired before registering producer method.  code | html
ProcessSessionBean   Fires event before registering session bean.  code | html
Producer   Provides a generic operation for producing an instance of a type.  code | html


InterceptionType     code | html
SessionBeanType   Session bean type enumerations.  code | html