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IIOMetadataController   An interface to be implemented by objects that can determine the settings of an IIOMetadata object, either by putting up a GUI to obtain values from a user, or by other means.  code | html
IIOMetadataFormat   An object describing the structure of metadata documents returned from IIOMetadata.getAsTree and passed to IIOMetadata.setFromTree and mergeTree code | html

Abstract Classes:

IIOMetadata   An abstract class to be extended by objects that represent metadata (non-image data) associated with images and streams.  code | html
IIOMetadataFormatImpl   A concrete class providing a reusable implementation of the IIOMetadataFormat interface.  code | html


IIOAttr     code | html
IIOAttr   Simple Attr node for metadata trees  code | html
IIODOMException     code | html
IIOInvalidTreeException   An IIOInvalidTreeException is thrown when an attempt by an IIOMetadata object to parse a tree of IIOMetadataNodes fails.  code | html
IIOMetadataFormatImpl.Attribute     code | html
IIOMetadataFormatImpl.Element     code | html
IIOMetadataFormatImpl.ObjectValue     code | html
IIOMetadataNode   A class representing a node in a meta-data tree, which implements the org.w3c.dom.Element interface and additionally allows for the storage of non-textual objects via the getUserObject and setUserObject methods.  code | html
IIONamedNodeMap   Simple NamedNodeMap class for IIOMetadataNode.  code | html
IIONamedNodeMap     code | html
IIONodeList     code | html
IIONodeList   Simple NodeList implementation for IIOMetadataNode.  code | html
IIOStandardMetadataFormat     code | html