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public interface: QueueBrowser [javadoc | source] A client uses a QueueBrowser object to look at messages on a queue without removing them.

The getEnumeration method returns a java.util.Enumeration that is used to scan the queue's messages. It may be an enumeration of the entire content of a queue, or it may contain only the messages matching a message selector.

Messages may be arriving and expiring while the scan is done. The JMS API does not require the content of an enumeration to be a static snapshot of queue content. Whether these changes are visible or not depends on the JMS provider.

A QueueBrowser can be created from either a Session or a QueueSession.

Method from javax.jms.QueueBrowser Summary:
close,   getEnumeration,   getMessageSelector,   getQueue
Method from javax.jms.QueueBrowser Detail:
 public  void close() throws JMSException
    Closes the QueueBrowser.

    Since a provider may allocate some resources on behalf of a QueueBrowser outside the Java virtual machine, clients should close them when they are not needed. Relying on garbage collection to eventually reclaim these resources may not be timely enough.

 public Enumeration getEnumeration() throws JMSException
    Gets an enumeration for browsing the current queue messages in the order they would be received.
 public String getMessageSelector() throws JMSException
    Gets this queue browser's message selector expression.
 public Queue getQueue() throws JMSException
    Gets the queue associated with this queue browser.