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public interface: QueueConnection [javadoc | source]

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A QueueConnection object is an active connection to a point-to-point JMS provider. A client uses a QueueConnection object to create one or more QueueSession objects for producing and consuming messages.

A QueueConnection can be used to create a QueueSession, from which specialized queue-related objects can be created. A more general, and recommended, approach is to use the Connection object.

The QueueConnection object should be used to support existing code that has already used it.

A QueueConnection cannot be used to create objects specific to the publish/subscribe domain. The createDurableConnectionConsumer method inherits from Connection, but must throw an IllegalStateException if used from QueueConnection.

Method from javax.jms.QueueConnection Summary:
createConnectionConsumer,   createQueueSession
Method from javax.jms.QueueConnection Detail:
 public ConnectionConsumer createConnectionConsumer(Queue queue,
    String messageSelector,
    ServerSessionPool sessionPool,
    int maxMessages) throws JMSException
    Creates a connection consumer for this connection (optional operation). This is an expert facility not used by regular JMS clients.
 public QueueSession createQueueSession(boolean transacted,
    int acknowledgeMode) throws JMSException
    Creates a QueueSession object.