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public interface: PortletConfig [javadoc | source]

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The PortletConfig interface provides the portlet with its configuration. The configuration holds information about the portlet that is valid for all users. The configuration is retrieved from the portlet definition in the deployment descriptor. The portlet can only read the configuration data.

The configuration information contains the portlet name, the portlet initialization parameters, the portlet resource bundle and the portlet application context.

Method from javax.portlet.PortletConfig Summary:
getInitParameter,   getInitParameterNames,   getPortletContext,   getPortletName,   getResourceBundle
Method from javax.portlet.PortletConfig Detail:
 public String getInitParameter(String name)
    Returns a String containing the value of the named initialization parameter, or null if the parameter does not exist.
 public Enumeration getInitParameterNames()
    Returns the names of the portlet initialization parameters as an Enumeration of String objects, or an empty Enumeration if the portlet has no initialization parameters.
 public PortletContext getPortletContext()
    Returns the PortletContext of the portlet application the portlet is in.
 public String getPortletName()
    Returns the name of the portlet.

    The name may be provided via server administration, assigned in the portlet application deployment descriptor with the portlet-name tag.

 public ResourceBundle getResourceBundle(Locale locale)
    Gets the resource bundle for the given locale based on the resource bundle defined in the deployment descriptor with resource-bundle tag or the inlined resources defined in the deployment descriptor.