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public class: ResourceException [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

Direct Known Subclasses:
    ResourceAdapterInternalException, SecurityException, UnavailableException, WorkRejectedException, LocalTransactionException, WorkCompletedException, IllegalStateException, ApplicationServerInternalException, EISSystemException, SharingViolationException, CommException, ResourceAllocationException, InvalidPropertyException, WorkException, ResourceWarning, NotSupportedException

This is the root exception for the exception hierarchy defined for the connector architecture. A ResourceException contains three items, the first two of which are set from the constructor. The first is a standard message string which is accessed via the getMessage() method. The second is an errorCode which is accessed via the getErrorCode() method. The third is a linked exception which provides more information from a lower level in the resource manager. Linked exceptions are accessed via get/setLinkedException.
Field Summary
static final  long serialVersionUID   
    since: 4.0.2 -
Fields inherited from java.lang.Exception:
 public ResourceException() 
 public ResourceException(String reason) 
    Create an exception with a reason.
    reason - the reason
 public ResourceException(Throwable throwable) 
    Create an exception with a reason and an errorCode.
    throwable - the linked error
 public ResourceException(String reason,
    String errorCode) 
    Create an exception with a reason and an errorCode.
    reason - the reason
    errorCode - the error code
 public ResourceException(String reason,
    Throwable throwable) 
    Create an exception with a reason and an errorCode.
    reason - the reason
    throwable - the linked error
Method from javax.resource.ResourceException Summary:
getErrorCode,   getLinkedException,   getMessage,   setErrorCode,   setLinkedException
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Method from javax.resource.ResourceException Detail:
 public String getErrorCode() 
    Get the error code.
 public Exception getLinkedException() 
    Get any linked exception.
 public String getMessage() 
    Get the message composed of the reason and error code.
 public  void setErrorCode(String errorCode) 
    Set the error code.
 public  void setLinkedException(Exception linkedException) 
Deprecated! use - initCause

    Set a linked exception.