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public interface: ResourceAdapter [javadoc | source] Operations for lifecycle management and message endpoint configuration. Implementations of this interface must be javabeans
Method from javax.resource.spi.ResourceAdapter Summary:
endpointActivation,   endpointDeactivation,   getXAResources,   start,   stop
Method from javax.resource.spi.ResourceAdapter Detail:
 public  void endpointActivation(MessageEndpointFactory endpointFactory,
    ActivationSpec spec) throws ResourceException
    Activates the endpoint factory
 public  void endpointDeactivation(MessageEndpointFactory endpointFactory,
    ActivationSpec spec)
    Deactivates the endpoint
 public XAResource[] getXAResources(ActivationSpec[] specs) throws ResourceException
    Called by the application server during recovery
 public  void start(BootstrapContext ctx) throws ResourceAdapterInternalException
    Used to bootstrap the resource adapter
 public  void stop()
    Used to stop the resource adapter