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static class: SubjectDomainCombiner.WeakKeyValueMap [javadoc | source]
   java.util.AbstractMap<K, V>

All Implemented Interfaces:

A HashMap that has weak keys and values. Key objects in this map are the "current" ProtectionDomain instances received via the combine method. Each "current" PD is mapped to a new PD instance that holds both the contents of the "current" PD, as well as the principals from the Subject associated with this combiner. The newly created "principal-based" PD values must be stored as WeakReferences since they contain strong references to the corresponding key object (the "current" non-principal-based PD), which will prevent the key from being GC'd. Specifically, a "principal-based" PD contains strong references to the CodeSource, signer certs, PermissionCollection and ClassLoader objects in the "current PD".
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table,  modCount
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keySet,  values
Method from javax.security.auth.SubjectDomainCombiner$WeakKeyValueMap Summary:
getValue,   putValue
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Method from javax.security.auth.SubjectDomainCombiner$WeakKeyValueMap Detail:
 public V getValue(K key) 
 public V putValue(K key,
    V value)