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Configuration.Parameters   This represents a marker interface for Configuration parameters.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

Configuration   A Configuration object is responsible for specifying which LoginModules should be used for a particular application, and in what order the LoginModules should be invoked.  code | html
ConfigurationSpi   This class defines the Service Provider Interface (SPI) for the Configuration class.  code | html


AccountException   A generic account exception.  code | html
AccountExpiredException   Signals that a user account has expired.  code | html
AccountLockedException   Signals that an account was locked.  code | html
AccountNotFoundException   Signals that an account was not found.  code | html
AppConfigurationEntry   This class represents a single LoginModule entry configured for the application specified in the getAppConfigurationEntry(String appName) method in the Configuration class.  code | html
AppConfigurationEntry.LoginModuleControlFlag   This class represents whether or not a LoginModule is REQUIRED, REQUISITE, SUFFICIENT or OPTIONAL.  code | html
Configuration.ConfigDelegate   This subclass is returned by the getInstance calls.  code | html
CredentialException   A generic credential exception.  code | html
CredentialExpiredException   Signals that a Credential has expired.  code | html
CredentialNotFoundException   Signals that a credential was not found.  code | html
FailedLoginException   Signals that user authentication failed.  code | html

The LoginContext class describes the basic methods used to authenticate Subjects and provides a way to develop an application independent of the underlying authentication technology. 

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LoginContext.ModuleInfo   LoginModule information - incapsulates Configuration info and actual module instances  code | html
LoginContext.SecureCallbackHandler   Wrap the caller-specified CallbackHandler in our own and invoke it within a privileged block, constrained by the caller's AccessControlContext.  code | html
LoginException   This is the basic login exception.  code | html
NullConfiguration     code | html