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public interface: AuthConfig [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    ServerAuthConfig, ClientAuthConfig

This interface defines the common functionality implemented by Authentication context configuration objects.

Method from javax.security.auth.message.config.AuthConfig Summary:
getAppContext,   getAuthContextID,   getMessageLayer,   isProtected,   refresh
Method from javax.security.auth.message.config.AuthConfig Detail:
 public String getAppContext()
    Get the application context identifier of this authentication context configuration object.
 public String getAuthContextID(MessageInfo messageInfo)
 public String getMessageLayer()
    Get the message layer name of this authentication context configuration object.
 public boolean isProtected()
 public  void refresh() throws AuthException, SecurityException
    Causes a dynamic anthentication context configuration object to update its internal state and such that any change to its state is recognized by any authentication context objects that were previously obtained from the config object.