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public interface: ClientAuthConfig [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

This interface encapsulates the configuration of ClientAuthContext objects for a message layer and application context (e.g., the messaging context of a specific application, or set of applications).

Implementations of this interface are returned by an AuthConfigProvider.

Callers interact with a ClientAuthConfig to obtain ClientAuthContext objects suitable for processing a given message exchange at the layer and within the application context of the ClientAuthConfig. Each ClientAuthContext object is responsible for instantiating, initializing, and invoking the one or more ClientAuthModules encapsulated in the ClientAuthContext.

After having acquired a ClientAuthContext, a caller operates on the context to cause it to invoke the encapsulated ClientAuthModules to secure client requests and to validate server responses.

Method from javax.security.auth.message.config.ClientAuthConfig Summary:
Method from javax.security.auth.message.config.ClientAuthConfig Detail:
 public ClientAuthContext getAuthContext(String authContextID,
    Subject clientSubject,
    Map properties) throws AuthException

    Get a ClientAuthContext instance from this ClientAuthConfig.

    The implementation of this method returns a ClientAuthContext instance that encapsulates the ClientAuthModules used to secure and validate requests/responses associated with the given operation.

    Specifically, this method accesses this ClientAuthConfig object with the argument operation to determine the ClientAuthModules that are to be encapsulated in the returned ClientAuthContext instance.

    The ClientAuthConfig object establishes the request and response MessagePolicy objects that are passed to the encapsulated modules when they are initialized by the returned ClientAuthContext instance. It is the modules´┐Ż responsibility to enforce these policies when invoked.