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public class: SwingBeanInfoBase [javadoc | source]

All Implemented Interfaces:

The superclass for all Swing BeanInfo classes. It provides default implementations of getIcon and getDefaultPropertyIndex as well as utility methods, like createPropertyDescriptor, for writing BeanInfo implementations. This classes is intended to be used along with GenSwingBeanInfo a BeanInfo class code generator.
Method from javax.swing.SwingBeanInfoBase Summary:
getAdditionalBeanInfo,   getDefaultPropertyIndex,   getIcon
Methods from java.beans.SimpleBeanInfo:
getAdditionalBeanInfo,   getBeanDescriptor,   getDefaultEventIndex,   getDefaultPropertyIndex,   getEventSetDescriptors,   getIcon,   getMethodDescriptors,   getPropertyDescriptors,   loadImage
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Method from javax.swing.SwingBeanInfoBase Detail:
 public BeanInfo[] getAdditionalBeanInfo() 
    Returns the BeanInfo for the superclass of our bean, so that its PropertyDescriptors will be included.
 public int getDefaultPropertyIndex() 
    The default index is always 0. In other words the first property listed in the getPropertyDescriptors() method is the one to show a (JFC builder) user in a situation where just a single property will be shown.
 public Image getIcon(int kind) 
    Returns a generic Swing icon, all icon "kinds" are supported. Subclasses should defer to this method when they don't have a particular beans icon kind.