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Sub Packages:

javax.xml.crypto.dom   DOM-specific classes for the javax.xml.crypto package.  
javax.xml.crypto.dsig   Classes for generating and validating XML digital signatures.  
javax.xml.crypto.dsig.dom   DOM-specific classes for the javax.xml.crypto.dsig package.  
javax.xml.crypto.dsig.keyinfo   Classes for parsing and processing KeyInfo elements and structures.  
javax.xml.crypto.dsig.spec   Parameter classes for XML digital signatures.  


AlgorithmMethod   An abstract representation of an algorithm defined in the XML Security specifications.  code | html
Data   An abstract representation of the result of dereferencing a URIReference or the input/output of subsequent Transform s.  code | html
KeySelectorResult   The result returned by the KeySelector.select method.  code | html
NodeSetData   An abstract representation of a Data type containing a node-set.  code | html
URIDereferencer   A dereferencer of URIReference s.  code | html
URIReference   Identifies a data object via a URI-Reference, as specified by RFC 2396 code | html
XMLCryptoContext   Contains common context information for XML cryptographic operations.  code | html
XMLStructure   A representation of an XML structure from any namespace.  code | html

Abstract Classes:

KeySelector   A selector that finds and returns a key using the data contained in a KeyInfo object.  code | html


KeySelector.Purpose   The purpose of the key that is to be selected.  code | html
KeySelector.SingletonKeySelector     code | html
KeySelectorException   Indicates an exceptional condition thrown by a KeySelector code | html
MarshalException   Indicates an exceptional condition that occured during the XML marshalling or unmarshalling process.  code | html
NoSuchMechanismException   This exception is thrown when a particular XML mechanism is requested but is not available in the environment.  code | html
OctetStreamData   A representation of a Data type containing an octet stream.  code | html
URIReferenceException   Indicates an exceptional condition thrown while dereferencing a URIReference code | html