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DeserializationContext   A deserializer uses this interface to access and maintain context information during the deserialization.  code | html
Deserializer   A base interface for deserializers.  code | html
DeserializerFactory   A factory of deserializers.  code | html
SerializationContext   This interface is implemented by the JAX-RPC runtime system in an XML processing mechanism specific manner.  code | html
Serializer   This interface defines the base interface for serializers.  code | html
SerializerFactory   This is a factory of the serializers.  code | html
TypeMapping   This is the base interface for the representation of a type mapping.  code | html
TypeMappingRegistry   This defines a registry of TypeMapping instances for encoding styles.  code | html


XMLType   Constants for common XML Schema and SOAP 1.1 types.  code | html