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public interface: Result [javadoc | source]

All Known Implementing Classes:
    DOMResult, SAXResult, StAXResult, SAAJResult, StreamResult, JAXBResult

An object that implements this interface contains the information needed to build a transformation result tree.

Field Summary
public static final  String PI_DISABLE_OUTPUT_ESCAPING    The name of the processing instruction that is sent if the result tree disables output escaping.

Normally, result tree serialization escapes & and < (and possibly other characters) when outputting text nodes. This ensures that the output is well-formed XML. However, it is sometimes convenient to be able to produce output that is almost, but not quite well-formed XML; for example, the output may include ill-formed sections that will be transformed into well-formed XML by a subsequent non-XML aware process. If a processing instruction is sent with this name, serialization should be output without any escaping.

Result DOM trees may also have PI_DISABLE_OUTPUT_ESCAPING and PI_ENABLE_OUTPUT_ESCAPING inserted into the tree.

public static final  String PI_ENABLE_OUTPUT_ESCAPING    The name of the processing instruction that is sent if the result tree enables output escaping at some point after having received a PI_DISABLE_OUTPUT_ESCAPING processing instruction. 
Method from javax.xml.transform.Result Summary:
getSystemId,   setSystemId
Method from javax.xml.transform.Result Detail:
 public String getSystemId()
    Get the system identifier that was set with setSystemId.
 public  void setSystemId(String systemId)
    Set the system identifier for this Result.

    If the Result is not to be written to a file, the system identifier is optional. The application may still want to provide one, however, for use in error messages and warnings, or to resolve relative output identifiers.