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Abstract Classes:

Schema   Immutable in-memory representation of grammar.  code | html
SchemaFactory   Factory that creates Schema objects. Entry-point to the validation API.  code | html
SchemaFactoryFinder.SingleIterator   Iterator that lazily computes one value and returns it.  code | html

This class was removed from JAXP 1.3 before it was finalized but was mistakenly included in Java 5. 

code | html
TypeInfoProvider   This class provides access to the type information determined by ValidatorHandler code | html

A processor that checks an XML document against Schema .

A validator is a thread-unsafe and non-reentrant object. 

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ValidatorHandler   Streaming validator that works on SAX stream.  code | html


SchemaFactoryFinder   Implementation of SchemaFactory#newInstance(String) code | html
SecuritySupport   This class is duplicated for each JAXP subpackage so keep it in sync.  code | html