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org.acegisecurity.ui.basicauth: Javadoc index of package org.acegisecurity.ui.basicauth.

Package Samples:

org.acegisecurity.ui.basicauth: Authentication processing mechanisms, which respond to the submission of authentication credentials using various protocols (eg BASIC, CAS, form login etc).  


BasicProcessingFilter: Processes a HTTP request's BASIC authorization headers, putting the result into the SecurityContextHolder . For a detailed background on what this filter is designed to process, refer to RFC 1945, Section 11.1 . Any realm name presented in the HTTP request is ignored. In summary, this filter is responsible for processing any request that has a HTTP request header of Authorization with an authentication scheme of Basic and a Base64-encoded username:password token. For example, to authenticate user "Aladdin" with password "open sesame" the following header would be presented: Authorization: Basic ...
BasicProcessingFilterEntryPoint: Used by the SecurityEnforcementFilter to commence authentication via the BasicProcessingFilter . Once a user agent is authenticated using BASIC authentication, logout requires that the browser be closed or an unauthorized (401) header be sent. The simplest way of achieving the latter is to call the #commence(ServletRequest, ServletResponse) method below. This will indicate to the browser its credentials are no longer authorized, causing it to prompt the user to login again.

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