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org.acmsl.regexpplugin.jdk14regexp: Javadoc index of package org.acmsl.regexpplugin.jdk14regexp.

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CompilerJDKAdapter: JDK1.4-specific regexp compiler adapter. This class makes possible the use of JDK1.4 compilers within this API.
MatcherJDKAdapter: JDK1.4-specific regexp matcher adapter. This class makes possible the use of JDK1.4 matchers inside this API.
PatternJDKAdapter: Adapts JDK1.4 pattern objects to follow the generic Pattern interface defined in this API.
MatchResultJDKAdapter: Represents the result of match in a regexp parsing process using JDK1.4 regexp package.
MalformedPatternExceptionJDKAdapter: Adapts JDK1.4 malformed pattern exceptions to follow this API.
HelperJDKAdapter: Jakarta ORO-specific regexp helper adapter.

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