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org.activemq.advisories: Javadoc index of package org.activemq.advisories.

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ProducerDemandAdvisor: A ProducerDemandAdvisor is used to know when a destination is in demand. Sometimes generating messages to send to a destination is very expensive and the application would like to avoid producing messages if there are no active consumers for the destination. There is a "demand" for messages when a consumer does come active. This object uses Advisory messages to know when consumer go active and inactive.
ProducerAdvisor: A helper class for listening for MessageProducer advisories * @version $Revision: $
ConnectionAdvisoryEvent: This event is raised when a MessageConnection starts/stops * @version $Revision: $
ConsumerAdvisoryEvent: This event is raised when a MessageConsumer starts/stops * @version $Revision: $
ProducerAdvisoryEvent: This event is raised when a MessageProducer starts/stops * @version $Revision: $
TempDestinationAdvisoryEventListener: A Listener for TempDestinationAdvisoryEvents * @version $Revision: $
ConnectionAdvisoryEventListener: A Listener for ConnectionAdvisoryEvents * @version $Revision: $
ConsumerAdvisoryEventListener: A Listener for ConsumerAdvisoryEvents * @version $Revision: $
ProducerAdvisoryEventListener: A Listener for ProducerAdvisoryEvents * @version $Revision: $
TempDestinationAdvisoryEvent: This event is raised when a MessageTempDestination starts/stops *
ConnectionAdvisor: A helper class for listening for MessageConnection advisories *
ConsumerAdvisor: A helper class for listening for MessageConsumer advisories
TempDestinationAdvisor: A helper class for listening for TempDestination advisories
ProducerDemandAdvisorTest: ProducerDemandAdvisorTest
ConnectionAdvisorTest: ConnectionAdvisorTest
ConsumerAdvisorTest: ConsumerAdvisorTest
ProducerAdvisorTest: ProducerAdvisorTest
TempDestinationAdvisorTest: ProducerAdvisorTest

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